“Life is not a problem to be solved, it is an adventure to be lived” – John Eldridge

The Rogue River  is a great river to navigate in a kayak or raft.  The journey contains peaceful pastures, scenic views, challenging waters and fierce rapids.  At times the river and its rapids feel navigable, exhilarating and adventurous.  There are other times where it feels like the current has taken control and one feels powerless, afraid and out of control.  The river and its journey can be a source of life, joy and growth. It also can be dangerous, and the source of suffering, pain and fear.

To us, the Rogue River is a metaphor for our clients lives.  You are not simply a person with anxiety, depression, relationship issues or addiction.  Your life is just as intricate and varied as the river.  However, we are also aware that you would not be interested in us if your life was floating along peacefully and scenically.  It is likely that you feel like you have been swept away by the current into strong fierce rapids, or that your life has left it’s comfortable banks and feels out of control or overwhelming. This may be due to life transitions, crisis, betrayal, trauma, addiction or you are not quite sure why.

We believe the adage that “two are better than one”, and desire to walk with you as you begin to understand the emotional, relational, psychological, spiritual and physical obstacles that can hinder your growth and freedom.  Our experience has been that it is through relationship that our clients not only find healing, growth and freedom but also deeper fulfillment in themselves, their relationships and their faith.