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It is possible that you feel like you have been swept away into strong fierce rapids and aspects of your life may feel out of control or overwhelming.  We understand these feelings and have worked with many clients as they have found the strength, insight and courage to repair their relationships, behaviors or current life situations.


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Rogue River Counseling is committed to providing the best therapeutic support possible.  We assist individuals, couples and families as they face their own struggles and challenges. These include trauma, emotional wounds, life transitions, current crisis, or continued engagement in destructive or unwanted behaviors.


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It can be extremely daunting to reach out for help when in the midst of turmoil.  Sometimes it takes all of the courage a person has just to make the phone call.  Your well being is of utmost importance to us, and we are committed to helping you find the best connection for you, even if it is not us.  Please know that there is absolutely no obligation to come in.


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